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History of school

The Secondary Medical School in Děčín was reopened in 1986. The school is still one of the smaller schools with a capacity of 230 students of full-time study and 150 students of distance study. It is a well-equipped school with a friendly environment. The school has been preparing secondary medical workers mainly for medical institutions in Ústecký Region. 

Currently two branches of study with maturita (school-leaving) exam in full-time as well as distance study are opened, Practical nurse (Medical assistant) a and Social care .

The school cooperates with Krajská zdravotní plc. (a company covering 5 hospitals in the region). The students carry out practical training mostly in Hospital Děčín. The students of the Social Care branch carry out their practical training in various facilities of the Social Service Centre in Děčín.

Graduates are employed in different fields. They can work in outpatient or inpatient departments in hospitals or health centres, provide community and home health care, or can be workers in social facilities.

Studying at this school is suitable for both genders, girls and boys, who want to help the others, have the sense of responsibility, good communication ability and are fit to work in the health and social fields. 

Teaching at the school is done by internal staff as well as external staff from ranks of doctors 


Present school

The school was closed in the years 1959-60 when its seat was relocated to the northern part of the region, to the town Rumburk.

A four-year study began in the school year 1955-56 and at the same time an evening study was opened. 

The history of the Secondary Medical School started in the fifties, in the school year 1949-50 by opening a two-year study.   Two fields were taught since the school year 1951-1952: a nurse and a child nurse. The study was extended to three years and the school started being called Secondary Medical School.